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    Conocimiento y tecnologa aplicada a la mejora permanente de nuestros clientes

    Soluciones de software

    Soluciones de Software

    You must be mad to live in a city when you might live on a farm.think that requires SPIRIT.Soluciones que convierten la tecnologa en informacin de valor y procesos automatizados que generen crecimiento y rentabilidad para tu empresa.

    Marketing Digital

    Marketing Digital

    [See larger version]Conocimiento, estrategia y equipo al servicio de nuestros clientes. Estrategia SEO, automatizacin de marketing, campaas PPC, diseo de pginas web y mucho ms.

    Internet de las cosas

    Proyectos IoT

    and dishes and sofa cushions and books.Smate a la Industria 4.0 con un proyecto eficaz y sostenible de IoT. De una prueba de concepto a un servicio integrado, tenemos lo que necesitas.



    I have the honour to report fresh explorations in the field of geometry.Had Sir Home Popham been satisfied with this well-executed piece of service, he would have merited honour; but, this being done, he suggested to Sir David Baird that an expedition might be made with advantage against the Spanish colonies in South America. It was reportednot truly, as it turned outthat these colonies were as poorly defended as they were wealthy. Sir David was weak enough to fall into the scheme, and, without any authority from home, as it would appear, for so important a proceeding, he permitted General Beresford to sail in Sir Home's squadron with a part of his forces. The fleet touched at St. Helena, and took in a few more soldiers, but the whole body did not then amount to more than sixteen hundred. With this contemptible handful of men, the British squadron entered the river La Plata, and landed the troops, on the 24th of June, at a short distance from Buenos Ayres. The few Spanish troops in the city were easily routed, and the place capitulated on the 27th, and Beresford entered and took up his quarters there. But he was not long left at peace. The Spaniards discovering, as a matter of course, the insignificance of the force which had thus rashly surprised the city, collected in sufficient numbers to make prisoners of them all. A French officer in the Spanish service, M. Liniers, landed with a thousand men from Monte Video and Sacramento, and, being joined by the troops of the neighbourhood which had been repulsed by Beresford, appeared before the city on the 10th of July, and summoned the British to surrender. This was the signal for the inhabitants to rise en masse and fall on them. They were prevented from escaping to their ships by the badness of the weather, and were assailed from the windows and doors, and exposed to a general attack in the great square, and were compelled to yield, on condition of being allowed to re-embark; but no sooner had they laid down their arms, than Liniers, who probably looked on them as no better than filibusters, treated them as such, and marched them up the country, where they were rigorously treated. Four hundred of them had perished in this mad attempt. Meanwhile, Sir Home Popham had sent home upwards of a million of dollars, reserving two hundred and five thousand for the pay of the army. There were great rejoicings in London at the news, and at the receipt of the specie. Popham, in his despatches, represented himself as having conquered a great colony, and opened up a wonderful mart for our manufactures; and the Ministry, delighted at the receipt of the dollars, though they had, on first hearing of the scheme, sent out orders to stop the squadron, now, on the 20th of September, issued an Order in Council declaring Buenos Ayres and its dependencies open to our trade. Long before this order could have reached America the whole scene was reversed. Sir Home Popham had, indeed, blockaded the river La Plata, and had attempted to bombard Monte Video, but his ships could not get near enough. In October reinforcements arrived from the Cape and from England, but not in sufficient strength to enable him to do anything decisive. He therefore contented himself with landing troops at Maldonado, and drove the Spaniards from the isle of Gorriti, where he lay to, and waited for greater reinforcements.Confanos tus sistemas y olvdate de imprevistos. Dotamos a tu empresa de la infraestructura, los recursos y el conocimiento para su crecimiento.

    Infraestructura para IT

    Infraestructura para IT

    {sjtxt}Soluciones globales de almacenamiento, servidores dedicados de alto rendimiento, soluciones de hiperconvergencia, etc. Un servicio personalizado y a la medida de tus necesidades.

    Sistemas de gestin

    Sistemas de Gestin

    {sjtxt}{sjtxt}Expertos en anlisis e implantacin de sistemas de gestin para pymes que potencian su eficacia y rentabilidad. Experiencia, tecnologa y servicio.

    Formacin nuevas tecnologas

    Formacin Tecnolgica

    {sjtxt}{sjtxt}Ponemos nuestro amplio conocimiento y experiencia al servicio de nuestros clientes para la mejora de su formacin en nuevas tecnologas.

    Soluciones en la nube

    Soluciones Cloud

    {sjtxt}{sjtxt}Productividad, eficacia y disponibilidad permanente. Somos especialistas en soluciones en la nube: backup remoto, hosting, almacenamiento virtual, etc.

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    {sjtxt}{sjtxt}EFOR anuncia que se ha convertido en Socio de Soluciones de Asana y ofrece soluciones para el trabajo descentralizado.

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    {sjtxt}{sjtxt}Utilizas Microsoft Dynamics 365 como CRM? Traemos buenas noticias!

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    {sjtxt}{sjtxt}Esta especializacin solo ha sido conseguida por 5 partners a nivel nacional.

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    {sjtxt}{sjtxt}Si desea ms informacin o quiere conocer como podemos ayudar a mejorar la eficiencia de su empresa, contacte con nosotros y conozca un nuevo modelo de gestin innovadora y adaptada a sus necesidades.

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    {sjtxt}{sjtxt}Responsable: INTEGRA ESTRATEGIA Y TECNOLOGA (Sociedad Aragonesa de Asesora Tcnica S.L.). - Finalidad: Gestionar el envo de informacin y prospeccin comercial - Legitimacin: Consentimiento del interesado. - Destinatarios: No se cedern datos salvo disposicin legal. - Derechos: Acceder, rectificar y suprimir los datos, as como otros derechos, como se explica en la informacin adicional. - Puede consultar informacin adicional sobre Proteccin de Datos en nuestra pgina web https://efor.es/politica-privacidad.html


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